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Commentary and Illustrations - This is a collection of informative documents. 

Video Archives - Learning through "Visualization" is a powerful training method. The player imagines him or her self successfully preparing and executing a skill. Below, are some clips that demonstrate various game situations. Watch the preparation, listen for the communication (when audio is present), see the movement - the choreography, observe the transitions, and visualize yourself in the action. You will be pleasantly surprised how much your game improves, when you use visualization in conjunction with on court practice. To get the best benefit from these clips, let the chosen clip load and then replay it several times to appreciate it fully.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your connection speed, available memory, and the server traffic, these files may take from few moments to a few minutes to load.... BE PATIENT! These are MPEG and AVI clips with files ranging in size from 400 to 6.5KB (on average 3KB).

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