Spring 2019 Matawan Aberdeen Recreation Volleyball 4's League Information*

*Subject To Modification as needs, general consensus, or unexpected issues dictate

1. When contacting the ball with one hand to complete an attack hit, the ball must be cleanly hit with the heel or palm of the hand. No multiple contacts/carries allowed.

2. No open hand tips including contact with straight locked fingertips (“a cobra”) or contact with knurled fingers (“a pokey”) inside the opponents front zone (i.e. in front of the opponents 10' attack line). If the ball is tipped using open hand (with the fingers) as an attack, it must land beyond the 10 ft line (front zone). If a tipped ball lands inside the front zone, it is considered out (a fault) unless contacted by the opponent. A dink outside the front zone (beyond the 10 foot line) must leave the hand clean and the player may not “steer” or throw the ball.

3. No open hand sets or "pushes" over the net inside the opponent’s front zone - including sets intended for the hitter on the setters side. If setting the ball over the net as an attack hit, it must go further than the opponents front zone (beyond the 10 foot line) to be considered a legal hit AND the player must be facing the direction of ball travel (i.e. the ball direction must be perpendicular to the players shoulders - no side sets).

4. No “soft” roll shots inside the opponent’s front zone. Any attacked ball landing in the front zone must be made with a full and fast arm swing (i.e. a hard driven ball). A "soft" roll beyond the 10' line is legal.

5. There are no positional faults, players may play anywhere on their court however the service rotation once set, must be preserved. If a player serves out of rotation, it's a fault.

6. This is intended as a Co-Ed league. If a team does not have a women on the court, the team may play with 3 male players subject to the ghost rule that follows.

7. Ghost Rule: Teams not able to field 4 players may play with one ghost player. If a team starts with 3 players, the ghost player's position must be maintained in the rotation. When it is the ghost player's turn to serve, the opponent will be awarded an immediate point and side-out. Teams playing with a ghost are eligible for playoffs but we reserve the right to disallow a player who has not played in at least 3 matches during the 4's season from playoffs.

8. Playoff eligibility: a player has to have played in at least 3 matches during the season to be eligible for playoffs.

9. All other USAV rules and/or House rules are applicable.

For additional information or if you have a unique situation, please contact: us by Email at matawanaberdeenvolleyball@gmail.com